Tuesday, September 25

This will be short because we are all very tired. Logan had a great day today! He was walking around and playing games. Cousin Sydney stopped by and played w/ him as well. He is keeping down the food that we are giving him through NG tube as well. We should hopefully start to see weight gain soon. Well I am off to bed w/ the rest of the family. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

Also we have had people ask for our address to send Logan cards/gifts. I am sure everyone understands we do not feel comfortable putting it on the internet. We are going to get a P.O. Box hopefully this week and I will post that. Thank You.

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Jeff Towne said...

Logan, though I wish it under better circumstances, it is great to have met you and your mom and dad. The Seahawks have a big game at San Francisco this weekend. Let's root them on together! Much love, Jeff (Ben's dad)