Sunday, September 2

Good Sunday morning to all. Last night was a long night. Logan said he felt fine but his temperature was up to almost 104 degrees. They kept a close watch on him. He tends to be a little hotter when he sleeps. He usually sweats a lot. Then when were in somewhat of a good sleep we ended up getting a roommate around 4am. The nurses turned on the lights to get them situated. They were also having trouble finding a machine that worked properly so they kept coming in and out. Currently Logan is feeling great. No fever, good appetite. He is watching a movie. He will be getting a blood transfusion here shortly. That should "pink" him up as well as give him a little more energy. Today is hopefully just a low key day and we hope to see his white blood cell counts start to come up. I will keep everyone updated. Thank you all for checking in and caring so much. It means a lot to our family.

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