Friday, September 7

Happy Friday to everyone! Yesterday's stem cell harvesting went great. They needed atlest 10 million stem cells and got 86 million. His body has 364 million. As of right now it looks like we might get a little break from the hospital.....cross your fingers. Our next appoinment is scheduled for Thursday the 13th. That means Logan will get to go to school Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. Next week he will be having a CAT scan & Bone scan to check tumor size and effectivness of chemo. This weekend Logan will be busy. We are having a BBQ at our house on Saturday w/ friends & family. Sunday Dad & Logan are going to the opening game of the Seahawks. Dad got Logan a Matt Hasselback jersy that he has not taken off yet.


Dylan Hulbert said...

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the game.

Anonymous said...

Your son is my hero. Thank you, for letting us into your life and his challenge.