Friday, September 7

Today was a great day! Mom & Peyton got lots of rest. Dad, Logan, & Grandpa Ron went golfing. Logan said he won.....that is to be debated. He said he shot a 12. I told him the lowest score wins and he changed his score to a 0. Anyway he came away w/ the $ winning $2.25.

We knew next weeks break was to good to be true. Things have changed. We now have appointments Tuesday - Friday and Logan w/ be admitted Saturday morning to start his third round of chemo. He will still get to go to school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday. Tuesday he has a heart test. Wednesday CAT scan on pelvis, abdomen, and chest. Thursday bone scan (MIBG) and a bone marrow test (w/ big needle). They will sedate Logan for bone scan and bone marrow tests. Friday will be normal meeting w/ doctor and check of blood counts to get ready to start chemo on Saturday.

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Dylan Hulbert said...

Logan, don't you owe me $2.25?