Thursday, December 20

Well we finally are in our room. We are on the cancer floor which is a great thing so we have our favorite nurses. Dad is a hero (for a minute) because I found the Game Cube System & Mario Golf. Logan has had a pretty long day. A lot of stomach pain and ear pain. Also while getting his transfusion his temperature spike to 102 degrees and his blood pressure dropped so he get a lot of immediate attention from the doctors. They watch his pretty close and got him stabilized. They cancelled his hearing test today but will still do the other tests tomorrow. I told Logan that the students at Kalles Jr. High tomorrow get to wear pajamas to school in his honor and he thought that was really cool. LEAD FOR LOGAN TYEES!

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Anonymous said...

Wishing you love and prayers Logan! We want to come visit when you get home :)

Love, The Mildenbergers