Wednesday, December 26

Happy Wednesday to all! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. For our family it was amazing and one we will never forget. The amount of people that reached out to make sure Logan's Christmas was awesome was amazing. He even told us that it was the best Christmas ever. Santa came through w/ plenty of gifts but most importantly Logan got the one dream gift he asked for....a Wii Nintendo Game System. My arm is actually a little sore today from our intense bowling tournament yesterday.

Today Logan & Mom went up to the hospital for two tests and a platelet transfusion. The first test was a hearing test. Logan had one when all of this started back in early August. One of the side effects of the chemo medicine is hearing loss. Logan's test today showed he has had slight hearing loss and it is permanent. The good thing is that what was lost is only sound at very high decibels that does not hinder how he hears in a normal conversation. He also had the bone aspiration where they put him to sleep shortly and stick a long needle into both his hip bones through his back and draw out bone marrow to be tested for cancer cells. We will get those results back later in the week. Logan did great during both tests. He is a real trooper.

Tomorrow Logan & I will go up for an all day Kidney test to check function of both Kidney's. They will have him drink something then we can leave for two hours and then test & start all over all day. Hopefully the 1-4" of snow that is anticipated will not interfere with our day.

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Anonymous said...

Good to read that the hearing loss won't affect everyday life for him. We will be at the clinic ALL day tomorrow for an all day infusion. Unfortunately, we will be in isolation (Charlie has a cough) so I don't think we'll get to see you guys :-( Glad you guys had a good Christmas! Here's to a new year!(it's bound to be a better one, right?) - Courtney