Wednesday, December 5

Thank you cousin Andrew & Ms. Peterson's art class at Aylen Jr. High in Puyallup! They made all the origami birds to display in Logan's hospital room while he is up getting his stem cell transplant.


Anonymous said...

So cool! Make sure you make a wish when all the paper cranes are up, Logan!!
Will we see you guys at the hosptial? Charlie gets admitted for the day of the 28th. :-) Courtney

cassie bohannan said...

my mom works at aylen mrs.peetz
and ok is he okay now?
email me the anwser:

Anonymous said...

Andrew - What a wonderful thing you and your classmates have done.
I could tell Logan was thrilled-he was smiling from ear to ear. I think he really likes his cousin. Good Job Andrew. Now he gets two wishes for the two thousand birds,

Bonnie and Lardog