Tuesday, November 6

Good Tuesday morning. Logan had another great night. He fell asleep at 5:30pm and woke up at 5:30 am. He was sick to his tummy a little this morning but since has had a good day. He is taking a nap right now. We started also giving him his food again through the NG Tube and so far he is keeping it down. They started real slow and we will increase slowly. If he continues to not be sick we will be going home this afternoon. Early in the chemo treatment I wanted to be home as soon as possible, now I am actually o.k. either way. If they want to keep us in the hospital that is o.k. because he gets such amazing care.

Two Seahawks and a SeaGal were on the floor visiting today. Logan was pumped and got their autographs. He told him his favorite player was Lofa Tatupa like his big brother Josh. I told the SeaGal she was my favorite cheerleader;) The players names that visited were Courtney Taylor & C.J. Wallace. Enjoy the picture!

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