Sunday, November 25

We get to go home today! Logan is doing so well they are sending us home. The doctor also cleared him to go to school tomorrow. He said go ahead w/ normal activities and Logan knows his own pain tolerance. The doctor said there really is nothing he can do to hurt himself. He also said the incision is healing so well that we can start removing the band-aid strips whenever. Wow this kid is amazing! The power of thoughts & prayers is amazing. We will probably come back Friday for our normal visit so that means lots of school.
Many of you have been following Ben Townes blog/progress as well (his link is on Logan's website). He also has Nueroblastoma & is about three weeks behind Logan in scheduled treatment. Ben just finished chemo #5 and will probably have a rough couple of weeks so please send some prayers his way. He then goes into surgery later in December....a week after his mom is induced and he becomes a big brother! Sound familiar? So Ben's family will have a pretty eventful rest of the year so be thinking of them and wishing them well:) Thank You!

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