Friday, November 9

Sorry for the delay in updating. Not much to report for yesterday because Logan had a perfect day.
As for today, Friday, we were at the hospital all day doing tests. GREAT NEWS about the tumor.....when it was first found back in July it was bigger than a softball, on September 12th it had decreased by more than half (measured 3.2cm x 3.1cm) and today it is about the size of a golf ball (measured 2.6cm x 1.9cm) and pretty much dead! It shows as a white spot on the CAT scan because it is pretty much just dead calcium now. As the Dr. said today the surgeons are going to be very happy because their job will be a lot easier now. Smaller incision also means quicker recovery time for Logan.
We also found out what to expect through the rest of this year. Surgery is November 21st and they think recovery will last about a week. We then have a 6th chemo (same drug as #4) around the second week in December. After 3 weeks of recovery from that we go in for the stem cell transplant just after Christmas (we hope) and Logan gets hit w/ another very strong chemo to kill cells and at the same time transplant good cells. They said we will be in the hospital in isolation for about 4 weeks. Early next year then they will be doing spot radiation on the tumor location as well as any other parts of his body that show existing spots.
Keep up all your thoughts and prayers because they are working!

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Awesome news!!

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