Sunday, November 11

We are back in the hospital. Logan had a fever. We are o.k. w/ it because he needed a transfusion. He woke up this morning without much color. We are not in our normal part of the hospital (if there is a normal part). We are usually over in oncology but they are full. We are on the same floor but in surgery recovery floor. The good thing is the room we have is great....the bad is the nurses are not used to cancer patients. They had trouble getting him ready for his blood transfusion and they are also not used to working w/ Hickman lines like Logan has. They are nice and are trying. If they have questions they have been calling over to the other unit. I stopped by the other unit and our favorite nurses were over there and they requested a special visit from Logan. We will go over in the morning. We are hoping his counts come up by Tuesday and no more fevers. Have a great night...we are in suite G3002 in our five star hotel.

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