Wednesday, November 14

It's Wednesday night and we are still here.....whoooo hoooo! Logan's counts are still at zero. This is the longest they have been at zero. The doctors are not worried. He got another blood transfusion today and it gave him his color back. Grandma stayed w/ him last night so when I came up later today after the transfusion it looked like Logan had been tanning because he was so white before. Logan, Grandma, & Grandpa David partied late into the night. Logan was up playing Mario Golf until 10:30! He now beats his mom at it all the time (and gives dad a good challenge).
Kelly & I had a parent/teacher conference w/ Logan's kindergarten teacher this morning and it went very well. She said Logan is very well behaved in class. She thinks he will be an artist (like his uncle Joe). The teacher said whenever they do projects w/ crayons Logan is very meticulous about making sure things are perfect. He also uses scissors great. She also informed us that when Logan is not there his cousin Sydney always makes sure that she puts down his chair. The kids in the class ask everyday about Logan. The only thing we need to be working on at home and in the hospital is the alphabet.

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