Thursday, October 18

Good Thursday morning to everyone. Logan made it thought the night. He woke up again about 5am w/ stomach cramps. They gave him pain medicine and he fell right back asleep until 8am. The good news is he did not have a fever all night. With that being said if is counts come up today we could be going home soon. Keep your fingers crossed. Logan and I are going to go on a treasure hunt this morning. It's a game I created to get him up and walking around. We have to collect things like paperclips, tape, stickers etc. It's fun because the nurses help him. The weather is starting to get nasty outside. We have a big window and will be able to watch the windstorm that is supposed to come this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear the Logan is doing better! I posted this earlier, but for some reason it didn't work...but Charlie had several weeks in a row of Vincristine and Docusate and/or Miralax was our best friend. I don't know if they have Logan on the same pain meds as Charlie, but oxycodone causes constipation as well. The two working as a team does a heck of a number on the bowels. It was a week for Charlie as well... it was terrible for him! It's so wonderful to see how Logan smiles for all his pictures. Even though he's going through such a rough time, what a trooper!! Hang in there guys.... Courtney Kennedy