Tuesday, October 16

Tuesday night update.....I am home and Kelly has been up at the hospital w/ Logan since 1pm. She had enough milk in reserves for me to come home w/ Peyton and get some rest. Logan's Uncle Pat is going to relieve Kelly at 7pm for the night (Thank you Pat). Logan had an o.k. day. We found out from the doctors today that one of the side affects of the last chemo (Vincristine) is constipation. We were a little frustrated to find out this late in the game. If we would of known earlier we would have hit him w/ some laxatives earlier. His ear are still bugging him a little. They anticipate once his white blood cells come back up (hopefully tomorrow) we should see them take care of the ear ache.
Logan went on a walk earlier w/ Mom. When he saw one of the nurses he know he smiled and told her "I am trying to walk the poop out." Everyone got a laugh. Pray for Logan to heel so he can go to Kindergarten.

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Anonymous said...

Logan -

Hope you are up and about and back at school soon.

You'll be in my thoughts.