Monday, October 15

We are back in the hospital. Logan was up all night w/ a tummy ache. When Kelly & him came up for his transfusion his white blood cell counts were at zero and he had a fever. He is getting some blood right now....this is good because this morning he looked like a ghost. We will be here at least 48 hours until his counts come up and he does not have a fever. He is also having issues w/ his left ear. They said this is common w/ an NG tube. I did not get any sleep last night so hopefully here in the hospital things will get better so he and I can catch up on our sleep. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.
My friend Dylan who set-up this website (Thank You Dylan) has also made it easier for you to e-mail your photo's to Logan. Just look down below his picture on the right and you will see where you can view photo's as well as e-mail them to me.

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Stot wuz here

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