Wednesday, October 3

Logan had another great day! He did not have school today so Logan, Mom, & Peyton went to the pumpkin patch. As you can see from the pictures Logan had his boots on in the mud. He picked out lots of great pumpkins. He also got his Halloween costume today. He is going to be a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

My Dr. in Puyallup Dr. Cecil Snodgrass works closely w/ the Puyallup Fire Department. He has set up a surprise visit at Logan's school this Friday. The ladder truck is going to come there and surprise him and his class and Logan is going to be the guest firemen. Kelly will be there to get lots of pictures. Thank You Doc!


Anonymous said...

Wow wonderful adventure!!Congratulation Logan>>

Camden said...

I miss you sooooooo much and I hope you feel better. I will like to play with you and I miss you and I love you very much. When you feel better, have your Mommy or Daddy take you by PPC so we can play. I am ready to play with you! SO, get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Logan - Glad to hear that you had fun at the pumpkin patch. I hope you get to spray the fire hose. That is the best fun ever....