Sunday, October 14

Good Sunday morning. Logan does not have much energy today. He kept us up most the night w/ an upset tummy. The good thing is there was no fever. The nights are hard for him. Kelly and I think he gets a little anxiety at night probably from being poked and prodded all night when he is in the hospital. He is also pretty pale today. Tomorrow they are planning on a transfusion so that should bring back some color as well as energy.

Jeff Logan's answer to "Who let the Dawgs out?" is "Nobody". I guess that is appropriate after they got beat last night. Somebody forgot to let them out! I hope things are going well w/ Ben. The Seahawks game will be a good distraction for you and him:) Go Seahawks!

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Anonymous said...

"Nobody" is right! Tough weekend for Seattle sports teams, huh? Well, more games next weekend. We'll be in the out-patient clinic tomorrow morning so we'll keep an eye out for other recovering Seahawks fans.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon Logan! You are one tough kid!!! Have a great afternoon! Play hard!

Anners said...

Hey Logan! My family is really good friends with your extended family! I heard about you not feeling well and just wanted you to know you are tough and my thoughts are with you! Go Seahawks!!!!