Friday, August 14

Hospital stay...
Last night about 9:30 Logan spike a fever of about 103.  Protocol is anything over 101 we go to emergency room at Seattle Children's.  Mom and Logan arrived in ER about 10:30.  Throughout the night many doctors and nurses worked on stabilizing Logan which included fluids, blood transfusion, and other medications.  Logan and mom finally got a room on the oncology floor about 5 this morning.  Both are exhausted and tired.

Good news is Logan is feeling better.  I just checked in with Kelly and Logan ate a really good breakfast and has actually requested more bacon and a cinnamon roll.

Concerning news is fever still a little higher than it should be and blood pressure a little lower than it should be.

Plan currently is he will remain in patient until both are more than likely the weekend.

For him to get a fever, blood transfusions,  & admitted is common after the chemo he has received.  During our first run at beating cancer we always planned on hospital visits a couple days after chemo.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers...


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Admin said...

I always try to count up all the positive words and negative words to keep a positive but balanced perspective. I saw the words "bacon", and "eating" for example.

I have so much hope, and quite a few amazing and valid reasons for it, and in fact it makes for good reading while at the Hospital. amazing research from Washington, DC

by this doctor -
I haven't read the paper yet but fascinating science but looks like Dr Sandler might be turning into a super hero to me & many. Scientists & Football players, and a 13 year old, what an odd match of super heroes. Hang in there, keep being an amazing hero to me and so many, and get some "bacon" therapy!!!