Thursday, August 6

Full circle...
Tonight as I write this Logan is asleep and actually feeling pretty good.  Today was all about hydration.  Once they gave him fluids he felt/looked a lot better.

Tonight I reflect on life and "full circle".  Today with social media it amazes me how many of my high school friends have reached out to me.  I love it.  I currently coach the JV boys soccer team at Roger's High School in Puyallup (where I graduated in 1991).  I have had former players that we have coached reach out to me.  My HS coach has reached out to me.  People that I don't even know but have heard Logan's strength/story have reached out to me.  The support that I have received from my work colleagues/friends at Comcast is amazing.  Former employees from my previous job when we battled this the first time have reached out....OK this is getting a little long winded but Kelly & I are so grateful for the support.  I won't talk for Kelly but.....she has been overwhelmed with the support she/we have received.  She comments daily how she wants to respond to everyone.

So tonight, tomorrow, yesterday, forever we say thank you.  We will do this together.  


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