Sunday, August 16

We are now up on floor 7 in oncology.  These rooms are amazing.  Years ago when we stayed in the old rooms you would more than likely share with 2+ other patients/families.  In the new tower we get our own room complete with a 42" TV for Logan and a 30" TV for parent.  If it weren't for the IV poll you would confuse it for a room at the Hilton;).  The best part of being back on oncology floor is seeing some of our favorite nurses.  As I always said 6+ years ago they are like family.  

Logan is feeling much better.  He went through the entire night with no fever spikes and BP stayed consistent.  He/we are anxious to go home but I don't see that happening until at least tomorrow.  I am going to shower him in a bit then we will go on a walk to get some exercise and fresh air. 

 A HUGE THANK YOU goes to Jeff, Emma, & Polly Bennett and many of their friends and family who held a fundraising car wash yesterday in front of their house for Logan.  They raised nearly $2300.00!!!  Words cannot describe how thankful we are for the support.


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