Saturday, August 9

Wow! What an amazing day yesterday. Logan's wish was granted. Above are just some pictures. Scroll down & look right to see many more. Logan arrived home from the hospital around 10am to see his dream fort being constructed. Usually after his treatments Logan is very tired and relaxes on the couch. Not yesterday. He was so excited about his fort he played w/ friends for about two hours. He then asked to have a chair put by his fort so he could rest and watch it be constructed. Local news media covered Logan's wish both on T.V. and newspaper.

Thank you to all that helped, you have impacted our lives forever being apart of this special day. A company....a owner with an amazing heart....Chad Taylor & Coast Cabins THANK YOU! Chad you & your team are first class. Thank you so much for what you have done for my son. This morning when he woke-up and saw the finished product for the first time he was smiling ear to ear with excitement.

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