Wednesday, February 18

Everything is good! Logan is working on his reading right is great to hear how good he is getting. Last night at dinner cancer was the discussion...... He was wondering when his "seed" would come back. Of course Kelly & I were caught of guard. Logan stated that he hears me (dad) tell people there is a chance it could still return. I expressed to Logan that he does not have cancer and yes there is a chance it could return...but there is also a chance it will never return. We reiterated how amazing, brave, & how proud we are of him. We also got into the topic of dying from cancer. Very hard to discuss. We shared with him that he is an inspiration for millions of people....the more people that hear about him & how brave he is the more people will be aware of childhood cancer. We told him we go to events to help raise money so some day nobody will die from cancer. All the money goes to help find medicines that kill the seeds and make sure they never come back. I am sure this is one of many conversations we will have with Logan. Thank you all for your continued support & prayers.

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