Tuesday, July 14

Tonight was a tough conversation. During the All Star baseball game they honored community hero's before the game....of course cancer came up a lot. Logan then asked about cancer & dying.... I was honest. I told him all those great people are out there trying to find a cure so nobody ever dies from cancer. Then....he asked about his friend from Seattle Children's....Ben Towne. This whole time Kelly and I have not said anything about Ben's passing. Well tonight was the night as well as answering the questions of why & what. Logan's eyes watered...I cried. We talked & talked. I could type a lot about our conversation but that is something I will hold close to my heart.
Currently Logan is attending vacation bible school for the week here in Puyallup...first time. He is really enjoying it. As we finished our conversation Logan said tomorrow he is going to talk about Ben with God when they say a prayer and tell God to say hi to Ben.
Tonight I am a very proud father. My son is understanding this terrible disease he has beat as well as understanding life......
Thank you all for your continued thoughts & prayers.

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