Tuesday, January 27

Wanted to give everyone an update....no news is good news. Logan has been doing great. We spent this last Saturday evening at the Seattle Mariner's Fanfest. It was awesome. Logan & played catch in right field for about 30 minutes. We were also able to hit balls in center field. We took some pictures...once I get some time I will download them for everyone.
Our only obstacle of late is Logan is experiencing a little anxiety. He has been asking more questions about cancer. Lately he will get random tummy aches. At first it would scare us but as soon as he is distracted by cartoons he is fine. We checked with the doctors and this is very common with childhood cancer survivors. We are working with him on just thinking of other thoughts, counting to 100, things that would distract him.

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Bruce & Gracie said...

Hi Logan, Just checking in to see how you are doing. Glad to see all is well with you. Hope you are a steeler fan :)
God Bless
Bruce & Gracie