Tuesday, March 11

Logan is doing great! Today Papa, Logan, & Dad went up (boy's day) for radiation. We also had to stop by children's to get Logan's NG feeding tube replaced. They gave him "sleepy milk" which knocks him out for about 15 minutes. He wakes up a little delirious but other wise o.k. He did awesome. Logan has been having a great time w/ Nana & Papa. By days end we are all worn out. We have set up a golf course in the back yard for Papa & Logan....Logan claims he is the champion. I will get you a picture of the two aces up by weeks end.

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Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a while (I know the Townes through our church) and I have to say that your boy is amazing. So, what's a little chemo, a little radiation, or a broken collar bone! Still WII champion and taking on all comers in backyard golf. Go Logan! Thank God for that strength.