Sunday, March 16

We all went to Ocean Shores today....Logan wanted to fly kites and so we knew the only place w/ good wind was the ocean. As you can see by the video Logan was very happy although it was windy, rainy, and very cold....who cares though we were with family. Logan had a great weekend. Nana & Papa painted the boys rooms. Nana is an artist and painted airplanes in Peyton's room and Seahawks and Mariners logos in Logan's room. I will get pictures and put them on the picture viewer on the blog. Kelly wanted a stripe painted in Logan's room so that was Papa's job.

Back to radiation tomorrow.....the way we look at it is we are on the downhill w/ it coasting to the finish line. It will be a little more difficult the next two weeks because we will not have the help of Kelly's parents. Unfortunately they have to go back to New York...they have already been here almost two weeks! It has been great having them here to help out. Kelly's dad, Larry, has been helping me w/ my "honey to do" list...together we have gotten more tasks done than I did all last year! Logan loves having them is really hard to have them living across the nation. I know if they could they would be here in a second. Thank you Nana & Papa, you mean the world to us.

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