Friday, September 19

Hard week for all of us.....on Wednesday night Logan's Great Grandmother passed away (my mother's mom). Although it was expected it is still hard. We spoke w/ Logan about it and he chose for Dad to tell her good-bye for him. We told him that she will go to heaven to be with her husband who passed 35 years ago as well as her animals (in particular her dog Bridget).
On Thursday morning when Kelly & I spoke w/ Logan and let him know she died in her sleep his response was "Is she with her dog now?" We said yes and that they are probably playing:)

On a happier note Logan continues to do amazing. He is loving first grade. At the end of this month Logan will be going through all of his scans again. It will take about three days and then we will get results the following week. Please keep Logan in your thoughts and prayers and continue to wish him good health. Thank You!

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