Monday, September 1

Well we made it back from our 7 days at Walt Disney World! Logan & family had an amazing time. He went non-stop everyday from about 9:30am until about 11pm at night. He went on just about every ride in all 4 parks and saw just about every show. His favorite part of the whole vacation was meeting the Power Rangers. There was hundreds of kids waiting to see them and Logan was the only one selected out of everyone to stand w/ them in their Power Ranger Car. He was on cloud nine. He went swimming at our hotel almost everyday. We had a water slide there that he loved. We also spent the day in Daytona Beach and Logan learned to Boogie Board. He also drove dad around on a quad up and down the beach. Later that day at Daytona we had drinks w/ Kelly's Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Art at Bubba Gumps restaurant. Logan was so exhausted he fell asleep on the bench for about 30 minutes. There is lots of pictures of our trip posted below on the right. Thank you Aunt Traci & Uncle Pat for watching Peyton while we were gone.

Logan does not get much time to rest. On Wednesday he starts first grade! He is so excited. Then on Saturday is the Husky game where he will get to help with the coin toss before the game with the captains.

Ben Towne goes in for his last antibody treatment tomorrow. Be sure to keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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