Thursday, September 11

Notice anything missing? Log got his NG Tube out today! He feels so good!


Anonymous said...

I can see that big smile now. You
are still the best looking little
guy we know. Love Nana and Papa

Anonymous said...

Dear Logan,
Hooray for you!! You look like the happiest First Grader we've ever seen!!
Another big step toward good health ... great news!!
We love you!
Gramma and Grampa David

Joey said...

I dont know which one to be more jealous of, Logan for being on the field and with all the players, or Jason for being able to hangout with the cheerleaders.

>Joey Williamson

ashli gist said...

Logan! you are so handsome!! I am so proud of you!! You are such a great boy! Everyone is so happy for you!! Keep doing better everyday!! Your awesome!!
Love Ashli