Tuesday, September 9

Sorry we have not updated in awhile.....very busy:) Logan did amazing at the UW game! Above is just one of many pictures. Once we get the others online I will add to portfolio below on right. The coolest thing is when he was on the huge screen for all fans to view he raised his arms up to "pump up" the crowd. It worked! He had the crowd going crazy! Thank you to Donna at Make-A-Wish as well as Amy w/ the UW for making his day so special!

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Anonymous said...

I have been following your story through your blog for some time now and my family and I have had you in our prayers. I had tears in my eyes at the UW game on Saturday watching Logan take the field with the captains and when Coach Willingham got on his knee to talk to him. What a great boy you have! Sorry the game didn't turn out better for us but seeing Logan in person made my day. Go DAWGS and Go LOGAN!