Thursday, June 12

Wow what a day! I am not sure who had more fun Logan or Dad. Today from 3pm-5pm they had a Father's Day party on the SCCA floor. The theme was sports. The big surprise is Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks Quarterback, Deon Branch, Seahawks Wide Receiver, Chris Spencer, Seahawks Center, Nate Robinson, player for NBA NY Knicks, Brandon Roy, NBA Portland Trailblazers, Jamal Crawford, NY Knicks, & Will Conroy, LA Clippers showed up and signed autographs.

The best part of the day and a memory that will last a life time for both Logan & I is when Logan gave Matt Hasselbeck a Kalles Cookbook autographed by Logan....Matt immediately took off his personal Seahawks hat he was wearing, autographed it for Logan, and put it on his head. Logan wore the hat the next two hours and kept telling everyone that Matt and him have the same size head because the hat fit so well;) Matt also threw a pass to Logan w/ a Nerf football in which Logan made a great catch.

The nurses kept teasing me because I was having as much fun as the kids....I was! Thank you Shauna (nurse who organized the event) was awesome!

Logan continues to feel great...we get to go home early tomorrow morning.


The Hampton Family said...

Logan, what a fun day for you! You better keep Matt's hat in a safe spot...lucky you! Glad your home!
Kevin, Steph, Konner & Kaleb

Anonymous said...

What a terrific picture of Matt and your son! Just fantastic.