Tuesday, June 17

Well good news....I think. Logan's counts are back above 13,000. There was a mistake in the lab yesterday when doing Logan's labs. We are all human and all make mistakes so all is forgiven...the last 24 hours though have been filled w/ a little stress, confusion, worrying etc.

Logan is doing awesome! He played w/ Chloe this morning before going up to the hospital.

Wanted to take this public forum and congratulate all 9th graders at Kalles Jr. High and wish them all well as they venture off into High School. What you all have done for Logan & family this past school year was amazing. Also good luck to all 6th graders at Logan's school, Fruitland Elementary, as they venture into Jr. High. Thank you to Logan's kindergarten class for thinking about Logan everyday he was not there and when he came to visit making him apart of your daily activities.....Most importantly a big thanks to Logan's kindergarten teacher Mrs. Pesature who continued to teach Logan, on her own time, to make sure Logan is ready for first grade. You are amazing...THANK YOU!

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