Sunday, June 8

Well here we are the night before we head up for yet another week at the hospital. Tonight we had a BBQ at our house w/ some friends and family. Logan had a blast and played real hard. At 8:00 when I went to put Logan to bed I was yelling for him and could not find him....I finally heard him yelling to me upstairs. He was so tired, he put himself to bed.

We want to send a very special THANK YOU to our extended family at Logan's school Fruitland Elementary. Earlier in the year they had a carnival on Logan's behalf. From the proceeds they bought games, Lego's, and 4 Wii's to donate to Seattle Children's hospital. They actually bought 2 and Nintendo matched their donation w/ 2 more! Logan will deliver all the games tomorrow....he is so excited. Fruitland also gave us $500 in Shell gas cards...that will help so much w/ our daily trips to Seattle...THANK YOU, THANK YOU! On Friday Logan stopped by his school and brought his class doughnuts. They were all so excited to see Logan and he was so excited to be there. One of his classmates, Hannah, saved one of her prizes from field day to share w/ Logan....THANK YOU HANNAH!

Well I will keep everyone updated on our week in the hospital. Please pray for an uneventful week this week. This last three weeks we have had our Logan back...playing real hard until he can barely walk because he is so tired. We have met some amazing people through this fight, a lot of them....I just wish it was all a dream. I wish I could wake up tomorrow and send Logan to school...I would go to work....I still would want to know all the amazing people we have met though, Thank you for every one's thoughts and prayers.

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