Sunday, June 1

It's Sunday night....I miss Logan, Peyton, & Kelly a lot! They will be home on Wednesday afternoon. Logan is having g a great time in New York. The pictures at left are him playing on the playground at Kelly's old elementary school.

On Saturday I got to take place in yet another amazing fundraising event put on by Kalles Jr. High, their staff, as well as other great people. Logan Fest 2008 basketball tournament. It was amazing. 22 teams participated in the event. It was awesome. I wish Logan could have been there, he would have loved it. His best friend Chloe was there and she was serving Hot Dogs and helping out. She kept asking when Logan is going to be home. She cannot wait to see him to play Power Rangers. Mario, Kalles, and others that participated in Logan Fest....a huge heart felt THANK YOU! One thing that really "hit home" w/ me that day is when a teacher told me that Logan (and family) have taught the students at Kalles way more than they could ever learn in the classroom. Everyone at Kalles has embraced our family. I am proud to call our family Tyees for life!

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arniearnaldo said...

Logan's courage is amazing. I haven't seen one photo yet where he isn't smiling. No worries...he has adversity cornered...!