Monday, June 9

Logan has had an awesome day! This kid is amazingly strong. He has been playing the Wii most the day as well as playing w/ Lego's. He also invited his roommate, Ben Towne, over to watch a movie w/ him. We are about 15 minutes from finishing treatment 9 of 20. Yes...we are very fortunate to have the Towne's as roommate's again. Ben is doing I type this he is out riding in one of the cars that Logan bought at Toy's r Us. Logan is sleeping very peacefully right now. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Logan,

I was behind your dad in the Tully's line this morning, at Children's Hospital. I noticed his T shirt with your picture and website. I repeated the website over and over in my mind. Later, when I came up to our room, I couldn't remember it! I had the names, but couldn't remember the order: Logan Lewis James? James Logan Lewis? Logan James Lewis!? Finally I got it right. I have read a lot of your web site. What a wonderful boy you are. I am sorry that you are sick, but you sure sound like a fighter! I will pray for you. My son is 15 years old and he is at Children's too. He was in an accident and has a brain injury. But.........we are going home to Everett today! I'm glad that I was behind your dad today so that I got to check out your web site!
Best of everything to you and your family. Susie Thomson