Monday, July 21

Hello's been awhile. Logan continues to do great. He is back up to full strength and playing hard everyday. He stayed the night at cousin Sydney's last night and had a blast. On Saturday night he went w/ Mom & friends to a local park to watch an outdoor movie. Half way through the movie everyone was surprised when the sprinkler system turned on...oops!

On Saturday we also were very fortunate to attend Ben Townes 3rd birthday party at Ben's house. What an amazing family and support system Carin & Jeff have. This week Ben will have all of his scans again....please think and pray for Ben that his cancer is gone....forever.

Logan is going to be a T.V. star! This Wednesday morning N.W. Afternoon is taping a segment on Make-A-Wish foundation. They will be interviewing Logan about his upcoming wish August 13th. The actual show will air this next Monday, July 28th, on KOMO at 3pm. KOMO is then looking at coming to the house on the day Logan's fort is built and filming the process. We will keep you all informed on this.

This last Friday Kelly's parents also represented Logan in a local Relay for Life walk in their town in Norwich, N.Y. The picture is Kelly's dad representing Team Logan!

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