Sunday, October 5

Wow what a night! Logan was amazing. Last night Logan & family were honored guests at the Miracle House Guilds 8th annual auction to raise money for Seattle Children's Hospital. It took place at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

The special night all started with Logan, tux & all, being picked up in in a stretch limo donated by Bryan & Jennifer Groves of A American Limo. Thank you to both of you for helping make his night so special. Logan is also pictured above with a painting he and artist Jordan Swain sold for $1700 (to Logan's grandpa)!
The President & CEO of Plum Creek Lumber surprised Logan with a wagon full of games that Logan was eyeing the whole night.....and two business partners from Exigere out bid everyone for a trip to Disneyland and then surprised our family by giving it to us!
It was such an incredible night. We met so many special people that gave so generously to Children's Hospital. THANK YOU TO ALL!

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Anonymous said...

OMG. Logan you are so handsome!!!
What a great celebration.

Much love,
Carin & Co.