Friday, May 16

I should be sleeping figuring I did not sleep last night.....but I find writing this blog a sense of relief. Thank you all that check it and leave comments. They help Kelly & I get through these tough minutes, hours, days. Logan is slowly getting better. He finally fell asleep and took about a 2 hour nap from 5pm to 7pm (he had been awake since 12:30am). He woke up and watched a movie and ate about 6 strawberries. We also called mom at home and he told mommy hello nice and clear which is great since he has not been speaking clearly. He also told me his foot hurt so he needed a drink of water....well that is all for now....I think.


Brent & Becky said...

Jason and Kelly,
Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and praying for Logan and your family. I was talking with a family at the hospital today that is kind of like your family is to the Townes, for us. We were saying how it is impossible to not get involved in each others' lives and feel each others' suffering, after getting to know all these sweet kids. There are lots of us pulling for Logan, Ben, Jordan, Jenna... There are friends of ours that check your blog and ask about Logan, as we too have received kind wishes from some of your friends. Sorry that it has been such a tough week and we are hoping for better days soon.
The Busbys

The Breeder said...

Great to see him watching a movie and having strawberries! Hope the weekend continues to get better.

Much love and prayers.