Tuesday, May 13

104 degrees plus.....Logan has been running a very high fever. They were anticipating a fever just not this high. He is being watched closely. We also have a bucket of ice and are continuously switching out cold wash towels for his forehead. It is so scary to see Logan in this state. Just 2 days ago he was playing non-stop w/ Chloe. He has been sleeping most the time. He did get out for a short bike ride earlier this morning....he is awesome.
It has been great sharing the room w/ the Townes. Sharing stories about our amazing boys and watching these two superheros battle cancer. There is a lot of emotion in this room...laughing, fear, tears, very proud parents...... We are also blessed to have the amazing nurses as well. Thank you Amber & Shauna....you have positively affected our lives forever.

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Anonymous said...

Hannah LaTour is thinking about you and praying for you! Get some rest and get better so you can come to school!!! (o: