Saturday, May 17

We are home....Logan is better....we are tired. Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers during this being the hardest week in our lives.


Anonymous said...

You guys are great parents! I have been keeping posted from my family and through your blog, but you guys sure are one amazing family! Tell logan hi for me...everytime I walk into my dad's dental office I see his pic and coloring...he is so cute! Hang in there you guys! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Ann Edlund

Anonymous said...

So thrilled and relieved that Logan is doing better. I hope you catch up on some sleep and are able to have a relaxing day tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are home and that Logan is doing better.

Lauren (Emma's Mom)

Anonymous said...

I stopped by today to see how Logan and you guys were doing and I was so happy and surprised to hear that you'd been discharged. Yay!!! What a week.... I'm so glad you're home now and Logan is doing much better.
Take care and all the best.


Rebecca said...

thanks goodness you are all home and things are looking up. get some rest mom and dad.

rebecca g