Tuesday, January 29

Another day.....more pain. We have increased his constant dose of morphine. We are half way through the worst part. We hope his counts start coming up by the weekend in turn that will help fight the infections. His mouth has sores in it that cause him to spit up blood. With all the pain he is still amazing us all. He does his hourly mouthwash by himself. It is a saline solution that helps keep his mouth clean. With a little bribery he also takes his Tylenol when needed. He has a white board in his room and anytime he takes his medicine he gets a dollar sign on the board which in the end he wants to exchange for a video game(s). When Grandma stayed w/ him the other night he bartered w/ her on taking the medicine and it cost me $4.00 for one dose......thanks Mom;) Logan's temperature have been staying around 103-104 degrees which amazingly is common.

All of you that follow Ben Townes site as well your prayers are working! Ben's test results all game back good for Phase one...this is great news! He now will start the Phase two process and meet the SCCA team and hopefully start stem cell around 2/11. Great Job Ben!

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The Breeder said...

We pray for you guys too!