Friday, January 25

Logan had another great day today. They moved us to a different room and it is twice the size of the other one. I wanted to post the video of the nurses singing but Kelly accidentally had the camera on the wrong switch to record....oops:) I did record some other stuff though so I will get that posted. Our super hero continues to amaze the staff. Today he was out riding bikes and the doctors just shook there heads and said most all kids at this stage are in bed all day and do not move much. Currently as I type this Logan is playing w/ the controls on his bed and moving it up & down and while he does it he dances.....he has his mom's moves unfortunately;)
Everyone that lives in the Puyallup School district you should be getting the monthly newspaper put out by the district called Connections. There is a great article about Logan in it and how students and staff have rallied around Logan & Family.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for the bigger room! And a double YEAH! for the amazing Logan! That's fantastic....
Courtney Kennedy