Saturday, January 12

Well the Seahawks season is over.....nice effort! Mario, Greig, Scott came over for the game and watch the Seahawks get pushed around.

Why am I putting it on the blog....well afterwards we played the Wii. Logan played each of us one by one in tennis...first Scott....loss, then Mario....loss, Greig....not a chance....Mom who is pretty good Logan beat her three sets to zero....then Dad who has never lost....yeah....he beat me three sets to zero. He was in the zone.


Anonymous said...

I just need to practice. Then I am going to get ya next time!!!


Anonymous said...

You go Logan!!! And Happy Birthday!
Thinking of you guys...

When is your start date for transplant?

The Townes

Scott Caufield said...

I'm not sure Logan's racquet was legal therefore I have filed a protest with the league. There simply is no other reason why I would take such a beating! :)

Good Game Logan Agassi