Thursday, January 31

Logan's army is getting larger! His ANC count is now 84 and rising! Last night was still an eventful night w/ low blood pressure and high temps but hopefully that is in the past as we continue to go forward. I am so proud of my little guy!
Something somewhat personal that a lot of people do not know about me...I have pretty bad anxiety. When I was married I awoke that morning not knowing if I could get through the day...when Logan was born I ended up being admitted into the hospital because it got so bad...for a whole week (thank God I have an amazing wife, family, & friends that helped w/ Logan & Kelly). When Logan was diagnosed w/ this nasty disease I had it but I knew I had to fight through it for him. He has taught me to a lot about the little things. I did have some attacks that first week and lost about 15 pounds but since then have been doing fine (thanks also to Lexapro). In the past the medication was a temporary fix...I think Logan has helped me overcome it mentally. I know he needs me here and I need him. Another small way Logan has affected someone...his dad, by being so brave & amazing during his fight. Thank You Logan I love you the most in the world...Daddy!


Julie said...

Just had to check in to see how things were going and am SO HAPPY to see that Logan has an ANC today! Awesome news! Logan has amazed me so much during these past few days with his strength (of mind, body, and spirit). I hope that more playful days and restful nights are in the very near future!

See ya Monday!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Logan! You sure are a fighter! (and you Jason...)
You are amazing!!

Mildenberger family