Friday, February 1

Imagine your worst sore throat ever, sores so bad in your mouth that your cheeks are swollen to twice their size, & on top of all that you have constant cramps in your tummy that bring you to tears.....this is what Logan is dealing with. Mucositis is nasty! Yes we are controlling it w/ pain medicine but Logan is still pretty uncomfortable. We can do more medicine if needed...and we do but the current amount pretty much "snowballs" Logan. He still smiles and such but he is pretty distant.

The good news is it is getting better hour by hour. His counts shot up to over 1000 last night! The healing process takes time though. His mouth is so sore and numb that he just drools all the time and that drives him crazy. We have suction set-up to suction his mouth (like the dentist) and that seems to help a little.

Yesterday Logan's Mom & Aunt Kim (Kelly's sister from N.Y. is here helping for two weeks....THANK YOU KIM) brought Logan a remote control fart machine. Yesterday Logan & Peyton went for a ride in a wagon and we hid the machine under some blankets....every time he went by a doctor or nurse Logan would push the button......the nurse and doctor would look down and do a double take not knowing to laugh or what. Then we explained what Logan had and everyone loved it.

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