Wednesday, February 20

Logan is doing great. His appointment went well yesterday. We found out that he will not need to repeat all the tests until after radiation treatment. That means we get a little break until March 3rd. Logan's Nutrionist is slowly increasing his feeds....since his stomach is still sensitive. Kelly and the nutritionist will touch base every other day to see about increasing and also removing the home IV foods he is hooked up to at night. As you can see by the picture Logan is loving being home.

Also I want to take a minute and congratulate Ben Towne on a great stem cell transplant.....Logan wanted me to tell you "You are awesome"! To Ben's family...we know the next week will be tough, you are in our thoughts and prayers. As we try to take positives out of this horrible disease I am so thankful we have met an amazing family like yours.

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Anonymous said...

Great picture of Logan! It is wonderful to see Logan looking so happy and well, and as our family revs up our prayers this week for Ben Towne, we are so grateful to your family for the great roadmap that you have left on your blog of Logan's journey through the same process last month. We will be praying for Logan's continued recovery as he shifts back from IV feedings to NG ones. And we are glad you get the "break" from now to March, when radiation starts!

Jan Murphy