Tuesday, February 26

Everyone that has kids that reads this know what I am talking about when I say how awesome it is when your son/daughter snuggle with you in bed. Last night Logan, Kelly, & I snuggled in our bed and just laid there and talked. We told Logan how proud we are of him and how brave everyone thinks he is. I spoke w/ Logan about whet is next.....the radiation. We just talked and he slowly fell asleep. Kelly and I just stared at him wondering, praying, scared....one of the many emotions we go through everyday, every hour, every minute. Logan is our life....he will beat this.

His appointments went great Monday. UW Hospital in Seattle did a mold w/ Logan so every time they do radiation he will be in the exact position. They also marked him up w/ Sharpie where they will be putting the permanent black spots. We talked about those black spots being put there with needles...that worried Logan a little. I told him he is getting some very small tattoos and he thought that would be cool.

Currently as I type this I look over at Logan sitting at the table eating a piece of sausage & pepperoni pizza, blueberries, and a glass of apple juice. It may seem like a weird combination to some but to us it is awesome to see him eating. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Every day
Every hour
Every minute

Well said.

Congrats on the eating! That is great!

Lv, The Townes