Friday, February 29

Logan was a perfect patient today. He had to lay very still while the doctors made sure all the measurements of where the radiation will go were perfect. It took them almost two hours. When they returned Logan to Kelly in the waiting room the nurse was gleaming on how good everything went because Logan was such a good listener. His tummy has Sharpie marks all over...his belly looks like a target of red & black marks. On Monday we go up for first session of twenty. Basically everyday in March w/ weekends off. The only immediate side effects they are expecting are a little redness in the area of treatment, maybe a little nausea but very little...other than that they think Logan should do very well.

Logan is completely off his IV foods and now only gets the food through his NG tube and of course whatever he wants to eat. He is also down to taking about 7 medications daily now.

I mentioned yesterday about the local radio station raising money for Seattle Children's Hospital in yesterday's blog. In two days they raised over $900,000 dollars! It was moving to listen to a lot of the stories they shared on the program. I think I cried probably 10 times yesterday. I told Kelly last night that I never want to be that dad on that program telling everyone how great my son was and the impact he made on everyone. I am going to be the dad that is there w/ my son supporting others w/ him as they fight cancer. Logan will be the survivor story! Thank you to those that donated in Logan's name.

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Sonia said...

that's amazing, $900,000