Monday, February 18

Logan had a great day today....after sleeping for about 14 hours he awoke ready to play. Yesterday he helped out in the yard, played w/ his neighbor Chloe as well as Cousin Sydney. He was so tired when he finally slowed down.Today while dad was at work and mom & Peyton were at Peyton's 6 month check-up he played at Cousin Sydney's. He then came home and went and rode bikes at the park w/ Chloe. Just before Logan was diagnosed he learned to ride a bike. He has not ridden much since, today though it was like he never stopped. He was riding around and as he says "going super fast".

He is starting to show some interest in food...although he has not eaten anything yet he is interested. Tomorrow he has an appointment w/ the nutritionist. We hope he will be taken off the IV food and just have the food through his NG tube. We should also get an idea of what next week looks like for another round of appointments to see if his amazing little body shows any signs of the tumor/cancer. Continue to pray for our amazing son to be cancer free....THANK YOU!

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Josh said...

Hi Logan!
I was just saying hi and i can't wait to come over and play with you again!

love you,