Tuesday, February 12

A little set back....Logan's body is having a little trouble being off the morphine. Everyday they have been slowly decreasing the amount and yesterday they turned it off. The side affects are nausea, diarrhea, & irritability. They also started giving all medicine through NG Tube as well as introduced his food (at a very slow rate) yesterday. His body is just in a little shock and hopefully he will rebound quickly. Aunt Kristi stayed with him last night and they had a long night. This morning when Kelly arrived he brightened up a little because she had a gift box from Nana & Papa as well as a Wii Nerf sport pack from Grandma Nancy. When I called he was playing tennis w/ his new Nerf racquet.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers....many of you also follow Ben Towne as well. Please keep him & his family in your thoughts and prayers as well as he starts his stem cell process today.


Anonymous said...

We are sorry to hear about the "little setback" today, but so very glad and thankful that Logan's progress through Phase II has gone so well so far. He is such a trooper! Good luck to you and Logan as you get through these last adjustments so that Logan can go home.

Jan Murphy

Anonymous said...

We think about you every day Logan! We look forward to you coming home - hang in there!
Mildenberger Family